Monday, 10 May 2010

VILLA: Prof. Moiz Omer Bakhiet
By : Specialis Architecture Engineer:
Hind Abdel Moneim Khogali

Discription of the Design Concept

This villa was designed to Prof. Moiz Omer Bakheit, is located in Khartoum City, Sudan. Was designed as Eco House. The main concept is based on client requirements and as the same time apply the principles of ecological design, first the sustainable site is locate in Khartoum Bahri, near The River Nile in farms area. And this unique location provides the complementary of the nature cycle of Co2 and O2 and the plants and trees, management of water treatment as well as the management of the waste.
The design concept as I provided is based on contemporary eco logical building
The Building mass is rectangular, and the design is compact, the spaces are well designed to apply the client requirements. Second the Indoor environmental quality has been managed as well through the good ventilation, in the hot dry clement, the building oriented to east west direction, and the wind is coming from North west in winter and from south east in summer. So the main windows and bed rooms are in north and south direction but bath rooms and kitchen are in west or east direction, there are some windows in east and west direction they are managed by cantilever to provides shades. And a good day light is available in all spaces. Third the building materials are chosen carefully to be suitable to hot dry climate with large time lag, in walls the construction materials is earth steplized brick is manufactured in Khartoum city, floors heavy duty, heat resistance ceramic and marbles and cement on the ceiling managed with insulations heat layers and rains collectors. are available, the villa walls painted with white color to reflect the solar radiation away from the house. Fourth The outdoor environment is managed as well, there are large garden in the east direction, provides by large trees, and flowers, isolated car park, fountains. Shades seats areas. Fifth this villa is located in large farm area with 16 other villas I suggested for the resident to share the site waste management and water treatment plant and power station inside the location.
The ground floor contain the sitting room that we call it, saloons, for men and women and the dinning room. The main entrance in the north direction is from large circular reflected glass window covered with cantilever depth to provides shades behind this circular window there is the circular stair case going from ground to first floor. From the entrance you will find double height void entrance and there is flower box up in the first floor you can see it from the ground, the plants and the flowers change the hot dry air into wet air through the air movement from north to south. And then the saloons, office room, two bed rooms, the kitchen and two bathrooms. There is another stair case for service coming from the basement to ground to first floor.
The first floor contain mainly three bed rooms, master bed room looking to the back yard garden from the south direction, and facing the large garden from the east direction and it contain dressing room and bathroom inside. study room and family hall.
The basement contain of play area, indoor tennis table, swimming pool, and the service area, laundry, store, made room, bathroom, and the basement facing the backyard garden for children.

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