Friday, 22 October 2010

Saudigreenbuilding Council

Developed in conjunction with key governmental partners, agencies and other leading stakeholders, the launch of the Saudi Green Building Forum is a key milestone in the Kingdom’s on-going efforts to raise awareness and promote sustainability. In addition to providing a crucial industry forum to debate best practice on design, construction and the built environment the event will focus on the key role that the wider community has to play in achieving an environmentally sustainable future.
I entered the Saudigreenbuildings Forum. and on the first day I hear a lot a bout Quater sustainability assessment system(QSAS). Which is estabish on 2004 and currently involved in more than 35 projects . the system it self very intresting and I hope that KSA establish such assessment system as soon as possiable.
____Some useful remarks___:
* there is one project they said it constructed and designed to be the first green building in KSA, The ministry of education.
* There are two assessment system in Gulf which are QSAS and Emaretesgbc tools
* There are about 1040 assessment system around the world.
*There are about thousands of greenbuildings around the world!
I think Saudigbc. sould start KSA rating system.

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